Postcode: 583-0886
Adress : 18-4, 6 chome, Habikino-shi, Osaka

7 mins walk from Eganosho station ( Kintetsu Osaka Line )



If you are coming from Taxi, show the address below to taxi driver.




Direction from Kansai Airport
1) Take a JR Line train bounded for Kyobashi 
2) Change the train at “Tennoji station (天王寺)” 
3) 2mins walk to" Abenobashi station 阿部野橋駅"
4) Take a Kintetsu Osaka LINE bounded for “Fujiidera 藤井寺"
5)  drop off at Eganosho station 恵我ノ荘駅
If you can open Google Map, check this link below.
And google map in Japan is very correct about the directions.